Richard of Gloucester’s Rise to Power1

Creations, titles, privileges, grants, and estates acquired 1461-14832




November 1 - Created Duke of Gloucester

Granted £40 annually from the sheriff of Gloucester


 August 12 - Grant in perpetuity: Gloucester Castle and fee farm of town of Gloucester, manor or lordship of Kingston Lacey, parcel of the Duchy of Lancaster, castle, county, and lordship of Richmond and Pembroke, moiety of the town of Chipping Norton and the following manors: Saxton, Great Campes, Great Abiton, Swafham (Cambs.), Poldu, Ethorn, Penhall, Tremodret, Trevelyan, Argalles, Trewynian, Droungolo, (Cornwall), Overhall and Netherhall in Lavenham, Aldham, Preston, Mendham, Cokefield (Suffolk), Hengham*, Little Gelham*, Vaux, Bumstede, Great Canfield, Stanstede Monfichet, Steeple Bumstede, Earl’s Colne, Creppyng, Great Bentley, Crustwiche, Fyngryth, Dodynghurst, Preyers, Bourehall in Hingham, Creyes, Estonhall, Tileby, Beamound, Dounham (Essex), Kensin, Wateshurst (Middx), Calverton (Bedford), Milton, Paston (Northampton),  Marketoverton (Rutland), Flete, and Batelesmere (Kent)

Named Earl of Richmond†

Named Constable of Corfe Castle (Dorset) and

King’s forester (Essex)

9 September - Grant in perpetuity: castles, manors, lordships, lands, and other possessions in England, Wales, and the Welsh marches forfeited by Robert, Lord Hungerford, lordship of Chirke, and reversions of the above

12 October - Named Admiral of England, Ireland, and Aquitaine


20 December - Grant during pleasure: castles, lordships, manors, lands, rents, and services forfeited by Henry Beaufort, late Duke of Somerset


14 March - Grant for life: may have all charters, letters patent, and writs in Chancery and all other courts without cost


Granted duchy lordships of Bolingbroke (Lincs.), Pickering, and Barnoldswick (Yorks.)


2 August - Grant in perpetuity: manors of Alwerton and Tywarnayall Tees (Cornwall)

October 25 - Grant in perpetuity the lordships, and manors of: Farsley* (Somerset), Haightesbury, Tefont (Wilts), the lordship, manor, and town of Bedmynster (Gloucs.) with attached awards and other possessions, lordships, manors, lands, rents, reversions, and services in Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset Devon, Gloucester, and elsewhere in England forfeited by Robert, Lord Hungerford


May -  Granted lands in Lancashire and Cheshire, (Lancs.) including Clitheroe, Liverpool, and Halton with all rights and offices, therein‡

October 17 -  Appointed Constable of England

November 7 -  Appointed Chief Justice of North Wales

November 20 -  Grant in perpetuity: manors and lordships: Alwerton, Tywarnaylle Tees (Cornwall), Wilmington (with lands and tenements Hucking and Dolly nearby), (Kent), and all lands, rents, farms, services, advowsons, and other commodities of the above

November 30 -  Appointment during pleasure chief steward, approver, and surveyor of Wales and earldom of March


Appointed warden of the West March towards Scotland

February 7 -  Appointed chief justice of South Wales, chamberlain of South Wales and steward of the commote of Cantremaure during the minority of the Earl of Pembroke**


May 18 - Appointed Great Chamberlain of England†

June 29 - Grant in perpetuity: manors and lordships of Middleham*, Sheriff Hutton*, (Yorks.) and Penrith* (Cumberland) with all attached fees and holdings

July 4 -  Appointed chief steward of the duchy of Lancaster including the lordships of Tickhill, Pontefract, Pickering (Lancs.), Easingwold, and Huby (Yorks.)

Grant in perpetuity of the forest of Lancaster and Bowland

Appointed surveyor of the forest of Galtres (Yorks.)

July 8 -  Appointed co-administrator of the principality of Wales, county of Chester and duchy of Cornwall for the Prince of Wales until he reaches age 14

July 14 -  Grant in perpetuity of all lands held by Richard Neville, late Earl of Warwick in Yorkshire and Cumberland

December 4 - . Grant in perpetuity of the forest in Essex

Grant in perpetuity manors and lordships of: Hethingham Castle, Hethingham Sibill, Langdon Hall, Dodynghurst, Fyngryth in Blackmore, Crustwich, Bemond, Benteley, Yeldham Hall, Bumsted Helyon, Steple Bumsted, Eston Hall, Colne, Crippynghall,

Standed Mounfichet, Canefield Poldeve, Roseneythorn, Etheron, Predannek, Penhale (Cornwall), Westhordon, Purters in Stebbyng, Gymgrauf, Shenfield, Crqvenham, Estillbury, Westilbury, Ames, Colsond Darcy(Essex), Havendon, Dullyngham, Saxton, Camps, Swaveham, Hengston, Enhale (Cambs.) Hornemede (Herts.), Lavenham, Mendham, Tadyngston, Cokefield, Aldenham, Preston, Chardeacre, Herthurst, Gifford, Boxstede, Shelley (Suffolk), Flete (Kent), Chesham Aston Staunford (Bucks.), Chipping Norton (Oxon.), Skrevelby, Hornecastell, Maryng, Overtyngton, Marom, Screvelby, Ulfire, Thorneton,

Connesby, Donnington, Sutton, Tid St. Mary, Tid St. Giles, Gosberkyrke, Moreton, Surflete, Witham, Northwittam, Neuton, Walcote (Lincs.), Upton, Loughton, Ingolsby, Colston Basset, Caworth, Cortlyngstock, Remston (Nottingham), all forfeited by rebels, with all attached fees and holdings


April 1 -  Granted custody of Henry Marney during minority, supervising all holdings

May 18 - Appointed keeper of the forests beyond the Trent river

Granted custody of William Walgrave during minority, supervising all holdings

August 12 -  Appointed steward of lordship, town, or manor of Ripon


February 20 -  Appointed tutor and councillor of the Prince of Wales, and co-administrator of his holdings until he reaches the age of 14


Grant of half of all holdings of Anne, Duchess of Warwick3

August 5 -  Grant in perpetuity the lordships and manors of Winterbornstoke, Upton Skidmore, Warminster, Mildenhale, Rusteshale, Donlowe (Wilts.), Wellowe, Telisford (Somerset), the lands, rents, and services in Chippenham, Shildon, Loldon, Wintersbornstoke, Upton Skidmore, Warminster, and Mildenhale (Wilts.), and the hundred of Chippenham, Bisshoppeston, and Donlowe (Wilts.), with all attached fees and holdings


February 20 -  Grant in perpetuity of the lordships and manors of: Estyllyng, Elvington, Skirpenbeck, Yaresthorp, Raskell, Houke, Scoreby, Wilberfosse, Stanfordbrig, Hundburton, Knapton, Rise in Holderness, Sutton on Derwent, Shirborne in Herfordlith, Appilton in Ridale, Sutton in Galtresse and Thorlesthorpe, Carleton with Coverdale in Coverdale, Westwitton, Woodhall, Ketilwelle in Craven, Newebigging, Thralby with Bisshoppesdale, Burton, Bainbridge with the vale of Wynsladale, Braithwait, Aykescarth, Crakehall, Busby, Faceby, Carleton in Clevelond, Little Crakehall, Bowes, New Forest, Arkelgarthdale, Hopes, Westhope, Multon, Forset, Gillyng, Salkeld, Woureby, Langwathby, Scotby and Carlaton, Wilton* and the manors of Moremonkaton, Walkyngton, Catton, Towthorpe, Brian Askam, Wedirby, Teueryntgon, Westlillyng, Riton, Bugthorpe, Towthorpe on the Wold, Wynsladale, Worton, Walden, Kerparby, Lirthington, Berningham, Stanhowkeld, Borlon, Fegherby, Southcowton, Coldconyngston, Hilderwell, Rande, Newton, and Harllesey with all attached fees and holdings.

Grant of the barony of Worton

March 8 -  Grant of a portion of the manor and lands of Cotyngham (Yorks.)

March 6 -  Grant of disposition of next vacant prebend of the college of Birgenorth Castle

March 23 -  Grant of a share of mines in Northumberland, Cumberland, and York for fifteen years

June12  - Grant in perpetuity of manor and lordship of Skipton in Craven*, and Marton in Craven (Yorks.) with all attached fees, holdings, mines, etc.

July 20 Appointed sheriff of Cumberland, with a life grant of all forfeitures, fines, amercements, etc. taken as sheriff in Cumberland and Carlisle

Grant of £40 annually from citizens of Carlisle, the king’s fisheries in Cumberland, and all other holdings rendered to the king

August 21 -  Grant in perpetuity of the following manors and lordships: of Hethington Sibill*, Langdonhall*, Dodingherst*, Fyngrith in Blakemore*, Curstwiche*, Beamond*, Yeldamhall*, Bumpsted  Helyon*, Stepelbumstede*, Eston Hall*, Cripping Hall*, Vaux*, Burysgifford* (Essex), Abyndon*, Saxton*, Campes*, Hengston*(Cambs.), Crepping (Suffolk), Batillesmere (Kent), Chesham Aston, Whitechurche, Calverton (Bucks.), Kensington, Knottingberenes (Middx), Chipping Norton (Oxon.), Polsewe, Rosneython, Etherton, Predannek, Penhale (Cornwall), Gosberkirk, Moreton, Harmerthorpe, Surflete, Witham, Northwitham, Weuton, Walcote (Lincs.), Upton (Nottingham), and Tidde St. Giles (Cambs.) with attached fees and holdings.

November 17 -  Licence to enter all castles, lordships, honors, alien priories, lands, rents, reversions, services, fisheries, mills, rights, pensions, portions, forests, offices, courts, leets, views of frank-pledge, returns of writs, chaces, advowsons, knights’ fees, possessions, and heriditaments his wife would inherit on the death of her relatives


March 17 -  Granted custody of Richard Fenys during minority, supervising all holdings


February 21 -  Reappointed Great Chamberlain of England

March 5 - Restored to the earldom of Richmond

Grant in perpetuity the castle of Richmond, the fee farm of the town of Richmond, the manors of Harum, Hamelok, and Carleton (Yorks.) with attached fees and holdings

April 22 - . Grant of disposition of next vacant prebend of the king’s free chapel of St. Stephen the Protomartyr

September 16 -  Grant of £50 yearly


April 3 - Grant in perpetuity of two annual fairs at Middleham, with all attached fees


March 9 -  Granted custody of Richard Neville, during minority, supervising all holdings

May 12 Appointment as lieutenant-general in war with Scotland

November 9 -  Grant of disposition of next vacant canonry and prebend in the king’s free chapel of St. Stephen


January 8 -   Granted custody of John Pilkyngton during minority, supervising all holdings

February 24 -  Licence to survey wheat and other grains for the war with Scotland


March 2 -  Licence to grant in mortmain the advowson of the parish church of Olney (Bucks.)


January - . Given in perpetuity a palatine lordship consisting of Cumberland, Westmoreland, and any arts of southwest Scotland he conquered

May 10 Appointed Protector of the Realm during the minority of Edward V


*including castles

**exemplified 8/26/1471

†Taken from Richard and bestowed on his brother George, Duke of Clarence, restored to him after Clarence’s attainder and execution in 1478

‡Taken from Richard in exchange for other holdings, 1471


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